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Safe Personal Training

Keep yourself safe with proper movements in an environment that you don’t have to fear whether you are at risk for catching any viruses or bacteria from other people. Stay in the comfort of your own home or in the safety of a large outdoor space. 

learn your body

Learning how to move your body properly though basic movements help you to stay injury free and mobile.

Build strength

Building strength and increasing muscle helps you burn more calories and look leaner while helping keep your bones strong.

Lose weight

More importantly, lose body fat. Learn the difference between BF% and BMI to learn which you should be focused on.

Based in PDX but that doesn't mean that YOU need to

Since a majority of the Training is done through Virtual Training you don’t need to be in Portland. Is Virtual Training going to be enough for you? My clients believe so but keep scrolling to learn more about if it’s right for you.

Is Personal Training right for me?

Do I need a lot of equipment?

Not at all! A resistance band, an exercise ball, and maybe a Kettle Bell or Dumbbell will give you a killer workout! If you don’t have those items then it’s alright. We can use anything that you have in your home. There are even some packages that will include these items in the price. It’s more about activating the muscles than lifting heavy stuff. 

Why should I do it at home ?

I recently was the Fitness Manager at a local gym. I saw how little they did to protect their members from bacteria and viruses. They advertised a lot but just couldn’t follow through. That was not a healthy evironment to be in even before the age of Covid. Now it’s even more important to stay safe for you and your loved ones.

Can't i just use an app to get a workout?

You can, but are you sure that you are doing those exercises correctly so that you avoid an injury? Are they the right exercises for you? Are they going to help you reach your personal goals? Are they helping you stay consistent with your workouts? Are these workouts building confidence? With a Trainer all these questions have one simple answer, YES! Can you say that with an app?

Is Personal Training right for me?

Simply put, everyone can benefit from Personal Training.

Everyone from kids learning a sport, to the average Joe wanting to lose weight/tone up, to professional athletes,  Personal Training is catered to you and your goals. Email or text to schedule a Free Session to see for yourself.

Shouldn't i lose weight first?

Many people think they need to get in shape more before meeting with a Trainer. This is common but backwards from how it should be. Learning the best way to exercise in order to stay injury free and maximize your results is best to do before you learn bad habits. The earlier you can learn proper technique, the better.

can I get an awesome workout at home?

Without a doubt! I will teach you how to move your body properly to engage the correct muscle as opposed to just giving you a good workout. When you move the muscle correctly, it doesn’t take a lot of resistance to tone the muscles. Ultimately, that’s what most people are looking for, toned lean muscles.

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