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Cardio Fitness


Cardiovascular health is vital for our overall fitness. Whether it’s keeping up with your kids, doing the dishes, or just living a little longer. Cardio isn’t just for Athletes.


Flexibility is important for reducing muscle strain and pain. Do you ever have back pain? Hip pain? Sore neck? Headaches while typing away on the computer? All of these can be symptoms of tight muscles and decreased flexibility. A majority of falls in older populations are from a decrease in ankle flexibility.

Flexibility and range of motion

Strength Training


Many people look at strength training as just what body builders and high school jocks do. This is far from the truth as anyone can benefit from some type of strength training. From carrying groceries to standing up from the floor; strength training not only allows you to do everyday activities better, but also helps you tone up in the process.

Endurance Training


Muscular Endurance is different from Cardio and Strength though they are closely related. Think about how a hike may not make your heart rate climb high or challenge your legs with each step but you might feel tired by the end. That is your Endurance.

Weight Loss

One of the most common things I hear is “I want to lose weight” or “My BMI is too high”. Total weight or BMI are archaic measurements that do not factor if the weight is fat or muscle. This is where a well educated Personal Trainer should step in to help you determine what YOUR real goal should be. 

Fat vs Muscle Weight Loss


People are Individuals


Goals are Individual

We all have our own personalities with different needs and wants. A person with MS, CRPS, or Scoliosis will have different goals than someone who wants to complete an IronMan Triathlon. (All of which I’ve trained) Your Personal Training needs are not the same as the next person so your session shouldn’t look the same as theirs. 


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